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The Snacking Slowdown Secret

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The Snacking Slowdown Secret

For parents who are frustrated with their child's snacking behaviors and want to address weight management without shame.

What if you could get your child to cut back on snacking immediately without hurting their feelings? With The Snacking Slowdown Secret, there's no need to feel stressed and anxious about talking to kids about food or weight. You'll learn how to significantly reduce snacking behaviors in just 1 hour.

Hi, I'm Dr. Lori Fishman

I am a child and adolescent psychologist and parenting coach, and Instructor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.

I have worked with thousands of parents and families, helping them to improve eating behaviors, increase exercise, and ultimately achieve a healthier lifestyle and stronger, leaner bodies .

Tell me if this sounds like you:

You are tired of watching your child eat too many snacks or make unhealthy choices (especially during time at home with the pandemic). 

You struggle with finding the right words to use to discuss making healthy choices and worry about shaming your child or causing an eating disorder. 

You are frustrated with your child's (or your own) weight gain but are unsure how to approach it or where to start. 

What if...

there was a way to dramatically cut down the amount of snacking your family does on a daily basis without being on a "diet" or shaming.

That is exactly why I created The Snacking Slowdown Secret. 

If you want to learn the number one way to help your family cut back on snacking behaviors in just one hour: 

The idea for The Snacking Slowdown Secret came to me in the form of a question I asked myself recently...

With the pandemic, I know so many kids have gained weight or developed unhealthy eating habits...along with too much screen time and perhaps a decrease in their sports or daily exercise. We also know that weight is a risk-factor for worsened symptoms of COVID-19.

Basically, we could ALL use an immunity-booster right now.

So I asked myself the question:

"How can I help parents everywhere to reduce their family's snacking behaviors...quickly and easily... especially right now when so many people need it the most?"

What You Get in the Snacking Slowdown Secret

  • Immediate Access to The Snacking Slowdown Secret video webinar to show you how to instantly cut down snacking behaviors and understand WHY our children (or we) are snacking too much in the first place.

  • The Four S Method... my system for helping to identify true types of hunger versus other reasons we eat that are not related to actually needing food.

  • The Four S Method Tracker to take the guesswork out of the Four S Method and practice at home.

  • The Snacking Slowdown Secret Cheatsheet to share you've learned with other caregivers (parents, step-parents, grandparents, babysitters...etc).

  • BONUS! The Other F-Word Podcast where I discuss how to talk to kids about weight in a healthy non-shaming way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I am too busy with kids at home full-time and barely have 10 minutes free in my day to do anything?

    As a working mother AND managing virtual school, I FEEL YOU! But you don't need hours to implement these healthy strategies. The Snacking Slowdown Secret is designed to teach you how to QUICKLY improve health behaviors and cut back on snacking. You can watch it in the evening after the kids go to bed and be armed with a new plan by morning. YOU GOT THIS!

  • My kids know more about technology than I do. Will this course be techy or hard to access?

    Our program can easily be used on a computer, phone or laptop. Simply enroll and all the information is right there for you. You just press play. Need a break? Your login info will be emailed to you and you can come back any time to pick up where you left off.

  • Will The Snacking Slowdown Secret help my child lose weight?

    Maybe. But...better than will help you and your family to make lifestyle changes that result in healthier bodies for a LIFETIME! Weight loss is possible, but without long-term behavioral changes, weight comes back!

  • Can I buy this, try this, and then ask for a refund?

    Due to the digital nature of The Snacking Slowdown Secret - that it is designed to be easily consumed in less than 1 hour - we do not offer refunds.

Imagine how you could feel in just 1 hour from now...

  • You could be feeling empowered and confident about how to talk to your child and weight and healthy lifestyle... without shaming!

  • You can be armed with new knowledge and understanding about WHY we snack too much and HOW to significantly reduce snacking behaviors.

  • You will have learned how to make small behavioral changes that will make a BIG impact on your children for the entire lifetime.

Limited Time Offer - Due to COVID-19

Because so many parents are seeking support around their child's weight and eating behaviors, we want to make The Snacking Slowdown Secret affordable and accessible to ALL.

The Snacking Slowdown Secret

For parents who are frustrated with their child's snacking behaviors and want to address weight management without shame.

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